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playfulself Moliere died today in 1673 - Who is buried in Moliere's tomb? #moliere
playfulself Moliere died today in 1672. He began coughing on stage while performing "The Imaginary Invalid".#moliere
playfulself Valentine of the ages. One of the greatest love stories of all time - yet to be told. #moliere
playfulself Moliere - House of Monkeys. The new play in rhymed couplets. #moliere
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Kickstarter Launch Video “Flow, Flow, Flow!”

The Kickstart campaign will launch soon

We need you help. I need your help. I ask that you help make the lingering dream of thirty years: to bring Moliere’s love, life, and work to the stage in a musical tribute.

Because we need to laugh

This post is a “heads up” before the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign. Are you willing to help? Please share, donate, and join in the effort to launch “House of Monkeys”.

We are raising the funds to open a showcase production of “House of Monkeys” in the Touchstone Theatre at the American Players Theatre site in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

So this is the video for the Kickstater campaign. Does it work for you? Please leave a comment in the reply box at the bottom or email me at

A musical romp through the life, love, and work of Moliere

The video was edited by Roger TIme of TImeless Recordings in Gays Mills, Wisconsin who is also creating the “Birth of the Monkeys:” sequence for the top of the show. Timeless Recording face book page

Moliere gave his fortune to form the Theatre Illustrious 1643

The Challenge

Moliere began his adventure into the theatre with his inheritance of 630 livres. A livre was worth the price of one pound of silver, so today that sum would represent $188,830.12. Are we prepared to raise just one twentieth of that amount to pay tribute to the life, love, and work if Moliere? So, we are asking to raise $9,415 to pay the actors and creators, and for rental fees for the Touchstone Theatre.

Read the first five scenes of “House of Monkeys” Read Play

The Music of William Neil

Neil Masthead
Four of the fourteen songs have been composed to tell the story. Now we need your help to complete the score from William Neil – a world class artist. The music of William Neil has been performed on both sides of the Atlantic and has been featured at the Festival of Music in Evian, France, the Electronic Plus Festival in New York, the Pontino Festival in Italy, and the New Music Chicago Festival.

Read more and hear his work on his web site

Now we need your help

The play is written, the music composed, now we need your help. The Kickstarter event is coming soon. Right now, you can help with your “social support”. It is more important than your money. Please move the cursor a few inches and write a comment.

Visit and read more about the play on the “House of Monkeys” web site.

Join and like the page “Moliere- House of Monkeys” page on face book.

You can write directly to the playwright at

You can tweet your support to #playfulself, #moliere, or #houseofmonkeys on twitter.

Only with your help will the love, life, and work of Moliere excite some much needed laughter into the world

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