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playfulself Moliere died today in 1673 - Who is buried in Moliere's tomb? #moliere
playfulself Moliere died today in 1672. He began coughing on stage while performing "The Imaginary Invalid".#moliere
playfulself Valentine of the ages. One of the greatest love stories of all time - yet to be told. #moliere
playfulself Moliere - House of Monkeys. The new play in rhymed couplets. #moliere
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Moliere House of Monkeys

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Moliere House of Monkeys Web Page


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#playfulself #moliere #houseofmonkeys
We all need to laugh, and what better model for discovering our own grace for laughter than a man who relished laughter and comedy in his work above all else?

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Bring the life and work of Moliere to your audience


Read the opening scenes of “House of Monkeys” on line at Smashwords Download the full, two act play for $1.99.

Like most of Moliere’s work, the script is written in rhymed couplets. The three monkeys are the primary musical performers who dance and sing to 14 songs throughout the play.

The play features scenes from many of Moliere’s plays including, Tartuffe, A School for Wives, The Ridiculous Young Ladies, The Impromptu at Versailles, and The Imaginary Invalid.

Performance time: The play runs for an hour and forty minutes in two acts.

Cast: The minimum cast is for 16 actors. 8 men and 8 women with some doubling and depending on how the roles of the three monkeys are cast. More actors can be added for crowd and ceremony scenes.

The script is 102 pages formatted on 8 x 11.5 paper, printed on one side.

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